3D Generalist (Env / Hard Surface) Looking for Project

Hello everyone,

I’m a 3D generalist, mostly environment art and hard surface (no organics) in a realistic art style, looking for some more experience working with well co-ordinated teams. I work with 3DSMax, Photoshop, and Substance Painter. I have a lot of experience with UE4 and know my way around most of it, including custom material setups.

My portfolio is here:

I’m not looking for a long-term position, mostly I want more experience working with teams before going off to do my own projects again. However I’m happy to join a project with long term ambitions as long as you understand that I won’t be around for all of it. For this reason also, I’m going to be a bit selective about projects that I think are in a viable state and interest me artistically.

To save some time, here’s specifically what I’m looking for:

  • Projects that are in production i.e. you have a portion of the gameplay prototyped already
  • Solid, attainable goals within the year (VS, Closed Alpha, Public Demo, etc)
  • A professional attitude with a highly motivated team
  • If you have artists already, I will expect them to be at least the same ability as me or better
  • As I mentioned above, I’m only interested in a realistic art style, I don’t enjoy making stylised art

My Discord is DaveFace#6850 - if you think I can help out, let’s chat there!