3d foin creauture pack

Have anyone experiences about 3d foin creauture pack which is for sale in unreal marketplace? I am making first person shooter game. There are two possibilities, make multiplayer shooter game or not multiplayer game where is minibosses like those in creature pack. I ask because,I dont know yet is it more easier to make game where are minibosses or multiplayer shooter, because i don’t know anything about server things etc. And do those creauture pack character have health effect or do i have to add those

could some have experiences about 3d foin creauture pack? easy to use with minibosses?

Hello tero83,

I cannot guarantee this information to be true as I have not used this content pack, but I’ve taken a look at the description/technical details on the Marketplace page for this content pack. It seems like it is only a collection of skeletal meshes along with their animations. This means that they are most likely not set up with any script or variables such as the Health that you mentioned.

Edit: If you wish to know for sure, I would suggest contacting the creator of this content pack as his support email address listed on the content pack: