3D Fighting game

Does UE4 enable 3D fighting on a 3D plane?

That’s an extremely vague question. If you’re curious if UE4 can be used to make a 3D fighting game, it certainly can–there’s several fighting games using UE4.

That’s why I said on a 3D plane. From the games that I’ve seen, they are only on a 2D plane, I.e Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat; Though, I haven’t seen a game creation that allows side stepping ie Dead or Alive. I was inquiring if that’s a capability with UE4.

Of course, Tekken 7 is a 3d fighting game using UE4, with 3d plane arenas.

Oh OK. I didn’t know that. Everything is converting to UE4, huh?

Mortal Kombat is 3D, it’s just their decision to restrict movement to side-to-side, there’s no engine limitation for something like that. There’s very few game types that UE4 isn’t capable of doing, and with the source available you can modify it to do whatever else you need.

Thanks a lot ladies and/or gents! I appreciate the responses!

While the topic is still up does anyone know any good tutorials for making a fighter similar to MK, Tekken, street fighter, injustice, and etc.?

That’s way to complex of a question, you need to simplify what you’re looking to do into basic gameplay elements (i.e. how to do melee attacks)

There is some Blueprint on sale for 3D fighting game Character Select:

It might be a good start.