3D Fighting Game Template with a ragdoll gameplay mechanic

Being that I’m inexperienced with the whole “making games” thing and I’m just flat broke, I’m requesting a free 3D Fighter template with the mechanic mentioned in the title of the post, whereas the damage inflicted to the character depends on the peak altitude. Say if the character went 60 feet in the air, the damage taken would be 30% of their max HP. I’m just asking for this because a friend and I are working on one together, and I really don’t want us to bother looking up tutorials and telling each other what to do because I’m afraid that one of us might mess up and break the engine. In addition, the inclusion of coding for female characters with stronger kicks and male characters with stronger punches, an arena environment, etc. would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this and (if you are considering it) making the template for us.