3D Fighting Game - Multiple Pawns?

Alright so, I’m trying to create a 3D fighting game. I THOUGHT input would be pretty straight forward, however after making the character pawns and the inputs I can definitely see that I can only play one character at a time. I’m definitely positive there is a way to create a two player game in UE4, but I’m pretty new at blueprinting and code in general.
Any idea how to rectify this? I’ve watched a few tutorials on youtube, none of them with the desired result. I made a new project to start from scratch due to frustration with jumping back and forth between tutorials.

What I would like is for the two players to be controlled with one keyboard. WASD for player 1 and UpDownLeftRight for player 2. I have the inputs set and the characters created and placed in the world. What the best way to go about getting both characters to move simultaneously with different inputs? Should I create a new GameMode? I found a good tutorial for the camera, but with that tutorial I still can’t control either character unless it’s a camera set in the Player Controller. A little confused at this point.