3D Environment, Prop Artist and Texture Artist for hire!

My name is Edvin and I’d like to help you by filling your game worlds with the props and models that you require! Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions! Email: [EMAIL=“”]
A lot of the most recent art can’t be showcased as it was made for an unreleased game still under NDA.
More information and art is available on my artstation page! ArtStation - Edvin Wendén


  • 6+ years of experience with 3d game art and texturing
  • Extensive experience with UE4
  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop
  • Substance Designer and Painter, Procedural texture creation
  • And a range of other software

Previous experience

  • Spent a year with Frictional Games working on an unannounced title
  • 5 years leading my own team working on our own games
  • I have worked on visual effect projects for artists like Avicii, Alesso and Otto Knows

Part of my portfolio

Example of environment work

Weapon work

Still available for work!

Available for work once again!

Bumping as I’m available

Currently available

Hi, I have a small texturing project that is about 75% done that to would have looked over and completed. It is a one story sub-level (you walk down steps) building with a dome roof. If you are interested in quoting the project I can forward screen shots. I have larger needs as well and would really like to have a dedicated artist as currently I am a one man team and could use a little help! Thanks for your time. Scott