3d environment/Mechanical/Props artist looking remote work

Hi all. im Sergey, I’m working in this industry for over seven years.
I am specialise in:
high and low-poly modelling and UV mapping using 3DS Max
and Maya, creating normal maps in 3DS Max, ZBrush and Photoshop (with Xnormal or Nvidia Normal plug-in), texturing using Photoshop (colour and specular maps), sculpting, painting and adding detail to high poly models in ZBrush. Ndo2, Mudbox (texturing, sculpting), Marmoset, Topogun
Creating games from mobile platform, ois and andriod
I have experience with game engine:
UDK - Very experienced,
G.E.C.K - Experienced,
Unity3d - Very experienced
Сryengine3 - Experienced

im working on mobile games [ios, android] bowling - 1,5 years and i can do mobile games too
but dont show images (NDA) Only privat
Environment building in Unity and UDK
Im Official game engine tester in UE4, Epic Games Company (I have NDA)

For my video portfolio, you can go to my YouTube channel:

My portfolio:
My CV:…ew?usp=sharing

I have other pictures my work but i send it only private (NDA)

I do interior and exterior too (convert from you CAD files and i can do from drawins and photos)
optimize, lighting, LODS, And collect in unity3d and UE4
PBR texturing
I can send other my work on email, because i have NDA

please write me on my e-mail:
[EMAIL=“”] in order to discuss projects and rates

my Skype: Сергей Табаков or punkvideo


add new work!

look my borderlands style work:

next mechanical assets

I add new work:

Hi, again, im Available

add new props work:

looking my polygonals work

looking new work again, please write me:

My new props work from interior:


add new:

doing new work:
“Follabuen” Norwegian fishing boat [WIP]

my new inside work: ** rotations**

Do new model from upgrade ship:

model use from UE4 Engine

low poly version:


Hey. Are you still around for work?

Texturing 2048:

looking my new boat work: