3D Environment Artist to create interesting levels for a top-down game

Project: Mage Math
We need a 3D environment artist to create interesting levels for a top-down game that is currently being developed.

Paid via paypal. Please note this is to finish the level designs only and not a permanent position.

Currently we have the basics of some levels that are built but need an artist to assist in finishing the level designs.

  • We need a 3D environment artist to create interesting levels for a top-down game
  • Must be experienced with the features of Unreal Engine
  • Must be able to build levels that look good but also run fast and efficiently
  • We are thinking mainly about landscape based levels
  • Art assets will be provided
  • This is a remote position
  • We need 5-10 maps total

Please respond to thread with your portfolios, websites, etc. The image shows an example of the level environments that will need to be put together.


For more information please use contact below.

Personal message me for further information.

We are still accepting applicants for the Environment Artist. Thank you to those who have either emailed or private messaged, if we did not respond it is because we are trying to review everyone and their Level Design work. Thanks

Is this for an educational app? The link you provided leads to contact form that’s not working, but I’ll go ahead and reach out to Jason. We’ve done a lot of work in the past on educational apps and I’d love to chat more about what you’re working on. Cheers

It is not an educational app but a stand alone PC math game that combines a lot of the work I have done with math and education.

Do you do Environment designs?

Thank you to everyone who has applied. We are going to stop receiving new applicants at this time. We have a lot to go through and appreciate all those who have applied. Thank you.

The position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied.