3d Env/Prop Artist for short horror game

Hey guys! I was just looking for anyone with some extra time to do some 3d models for a short horror game I just started. I planned on working on it throughout my winter break but I had worked a LOT more than anticipated.

Here’s what I have so far, just a basic layout.

NOTE-I have absolutely no idea how that music got in there hahahaha

The level isn’t going to be massive, just a small confined area with a bit more than shown in the video.
(The cube is place holder for now) :wink:
I myself am actually an artist but don’t know anyone with UE4 skills.

I just need someone to help me fill the environment with simple objects
Beds… with restraints!, shelves, lamps, other things you might find in a mental hospital. tables, chairs, cameras, anything you got!
I still have a few small things I used for other projects and I re-texture too.
So if anyone is interested let me know!

email me at

Skills in Substance Painter and or Designer is a huge plus!!!

I’d like to give a shot at helping out with this, I’ll throw an email in your general direction.

I don’t have any substance knowhow but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

I can do that for a fair price, 5 models or more for 6$ i can substance painter and now how to get it to work in unreal. :wink:

You can see some of my stuffs here GameDev Blog - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

all done by me

Great models man but sadly this will still remain unpaid, unless I somehow end up making money from it!