3d engines for 32 bit pcs

i can’t find them help me pls or i will not make good games. i’m tired of 3d rad give me something better!

Doesn’t Unity come in a 32bit flavour?

It needs windows 10 but i don’t have Windows 10

Their websites says minimum specs are Windows 7 SP1+.

What OS are you running?

32bit is legacy now and no longer used. Why are you specifically targetting 32bit?

I’m running Windows 7 and i have 32 pc

Ultimate not sp2

What GPU do you have?

I’m gonna check it later
I’m replying on phone

The predecessor to UE4 was UDK and it will run in Win7-32bit… But…
You’ll have to hunt around for it as Epic killed off all the downloads:
Unity3D such as Unity 4.x and early 5.x definitely run on 32-bit also.

In any case you can develop in ue4 on a 64bit platform and package for 32 bit, if that’s what you’re targeting but these will fast become obsolete, I’d advise you to upgrade to a 64 bit system mate.

it’s NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT