3D editor works, blueprints and such does not

A very unusual glitch or bug that’s making the editor run real slow to the point where I’m waiting 5 minutes for each action I’m doing. The 3D editor where you’re seeing the game world and editing each geometry of the level works fine! I’m using two monitors so I can learn how use this program without sharing 2 monitors in one window. The thing is it never happened when I started using two monitors and I believe version 4.12.5 has to do something about this.

In the video I’m trying to right click and yet does not pop up the menu.
link text

Hello Hookilation,

I have a couple of questions for you to help narrow down the issue you are experiencing.

  1. Does this issue occur for you in a different engine version?
  2. Could you post your DxDiag?
  3. Did this issue occur for you when you were using only one monitor?


Okay so I fixed the problem by looking a lot more deeper into this. Switching engines didn’t fix it and the monitor thing was the the issue. The main issue is quite dumb.

I had a lot of Window Notifications that made it so slow. So yeah I fixed it and still find it dumb it was this.