3d data uav to unreal engine - Can t add foliage on a imported model .


i created a 3d landscape with uav datas in metashape. My goal was to create a new building on the site and composite this two 3D models in a real aerial shot. First, i did the job mainly on 3d studio Max and after that i created a level of this job in Unreal Engine 5 and i exported the two models with datasmith in Unreal. But my problem is i can t add foliage on my landscape !! how can i do ? Can I use Unreal foliage tool on a imported model?


It sounds like your imported model has no collision. In the static mesh editor, set the collision type to ‘use complex as simple’.

Hello Thx for your answer,

So It s already setup, i don t think that it s was a colision problem.

i had the same problem to setup the water river line. it s seems that unreal engine doesn t recognise my UAV 3d model like a landscape. to setup the the water river line, i must created a unreal landscape above the river bed of my 3d model to setup correctly lthe water river line.

Yes, the water won’t recognize an imported mesh as the landscape. That’s true.

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Sorry I was wrong ! it was a collison problem in fact.

Sorry I was wrong ! it was a collison problem in fact. i had a bad collison setup and now i can paint grass on the ground. But, now i have another problem ! the grass doesn t follow the ground profil sometime she s fly above the ground or dive undre the 3d model.

Did you set the collision like this?


Yes… it s very strange because the grass follow the ground on certain part and doesn t on another part

this shot show efficently my problem. We are under the grass and above the ground like a little mouse lol

Can you upload the ground as an FBX here? I will take a look.

sure… thx for your help…


VAL_OUEST_SOL.fbx (14.6 MB)

It seems to be ok

If you put the viewport in player collision mode, the green blob should be the same shape as the landscape


I have selected the player collision and it seems that I have a mesh problem.!

I think that some parts of my mesh are not taken into account because when i paint the foliage on it, he appears on the selected zone and not on the others !!!

I think you’ve got more than one copy of the mesh in the level, maybe?

One with collision on, and one with it off, perhaps?

ohh God ! you’re right ! but it very strange ! Cause when i had imported the datasmith files . a folder et subfolder were created in the outliner windows. but i don t have a another one ? you can see it in the captures . If you ve an idea?

I have no idea, I never use DS! :frowning:

No … Pffuuuu… the problem still the same… I have deleted folder and subfolder to have the only one file… in fact if you hide the model, in the view, you see only the color of the collision player but if you change to Unit view, the model disapperar. So i believe that this is a mesh problem

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hello, thx for your help.

I will inspect the mesh to confim my opinion but is it possible that the probleme began when you choosed the collision system in the model’s geometrie ?

I don’t think so.

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