3D Curved Lines?

How would i go about drawing a line between points(array of vector3’s)
I can’t seem to find any debug drawline that takes an index of array, to form the line in blueprint?

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3D Curved Lines

Sadly, there is no dedicated functionality like this. Since this is for debug, the closest and simplest you could get away with would a visible spline with show splines flag up. You can feed a spline an array of points:

Perhaps that’s good enough for visualisation.

Alternatively, you can deproject world → screen coords and draw it in 2d. Widgets can paint arrays of points / lines. The HUD class can do it as well. But then the lines will not be curved.

There is a plugin that leverages the way the editor draws node wires. That would do it - but it might be an overkill if that’s just for debug. And may not look right depending on the purpose it must serve.


its for debug, so it would do just fine
Thanks :slight_smile:

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