3D Cursor/CrossHair

Hello . I want to make, for a project, a cursor and a crosshair that would react with the environment.

Like in this video

I started to think in some logic using a linetrace. But I can’t get the desired effect.

I am posting two links that show the main functions.

My Logic : Set Targetbased on Mouse Position posted by Peppone | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

FireStart is an Arrow where the projectile Start .
Fire Target is a collision sphere in Default SceneRoot at 4000 unit far on X axe .

If someone have a better logic or find what doesn’t work on mine i’ll be glad :slight_smile:

Ps : it’s important for me to keep the delay whitin the cursor and the crosshair when it moves .

Hey @PepponeTV

you could do it like this:

  1. Get the location where your mouse is pointing:

  2. Get the location where the gun is pointing:

  3. Show a billboard where your gun is pointing:

  4. Use the mouse location to rotate turret and gun with an interp:

The pawn blueprint:

The pawn components list:

UE5.1 | 3DCursor.zip (98.2 KB)

Thanks a lot @L1z4rD89 for the proposed solution. Even if I couldn’t apply it identically, it helped me a lot to find the logic and adapt it to my situation. I just have one small problem to solve now…

My game is in 3D and the obstacles come from the front. When the 3d crosshair passes from a very close obstacle to a more distant obstacle, theres is an issue that makes the interpolation buggy, which takes much longer to reach the cursor than usual because the 3dcrosshair is far away . I tried to increase the interp speed of the X value and it’s better, but the Y and Z location are always buggy .

Part 1/2 : Get the location under mouse cursor and Save in Target Location Variable . If there is nothing under the mouse save the location of the LineTrace End .

Part 2/2 : Interp between last 3D cursor location and the new cursor location

Hi there @PepponeTV and happy holidays!

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Hey @PepponeTV
here is another method:

3DCursor.zip (7.0 MB)

Thanks !! It’s perfect ! <3