3D Conceptual Scene Artist needed for UE4 [PAID]

The 3D Conceptual Scene Artist will be tasked to create eye-catching action scenes and render them as high-resolution, still images, at Ultra-High (Epic) visual quality
They will be for promotional use by a small indie game.
The models are provided. The 3D Conceptual Scene Artist will only need to make/provide explosions and terrain (grassy fields, temperate forest, snow etc)

Knowledge & familiarity with the UE4.
A demo reel and/or samples of previous work - Preferably accessible from an online source: website or gallery. Alternatively via email, we accept only images and/or videos, as non-compressed attachments totaling less than 10MB.
You may reply to this topic, or submit applications to: [EMAIL=“”]

All sample material must be in an image format.


Do you have or can you find any similar examples to what type of scenes you guys are looking for ? Are you going for ultra realistic scenes ? or more of a multi player game friendly performance type scene ?