3D city builder

Hi all,

I’m diving in a very complicated but also super intresting project : building alone a 3D city builder prototype during a year, then recruit people

i have first implemented google earth style camera controls which are missing in the great Cities Skyline.

I have also developped straight roads editor which can be chamfered

as you can see tiling is streched in some parts, i should fix that soon. I hope i can dynamically change tiling to every spline mesh component…
I’m also planning to develop curve roads editor. Then 'ill try to focus on intersection which is i presume, super complicated

See you around

Hi all,

Still working on this project. I have impletmented the procedural crossroads limited to 3 roads for now……ngine-4/7.jpg/…ngine-4/8.jpg/…gine-4/10.jpg/…gine-4/11.jpg/…ngine-4/9.jpg/

The crossraods texture are different from the road one, because i haven’t done yet the procedural UV coordinates which is i think a huge pain in the ****…

See you around

Hi all,

Here is an update :

And now the zoning is in progress :

I implemented these convex hulls to optimize the overlapping detection

This project is insanely complicated BUT to me, it is so gripping


Hey @guitou80, this looks really promising so far! I’m working on a similar project myself (Procedural City Generator). Im generating my roads procedurally with splines but Im still not sure how I will handle the road intersections.

Do you mind if I DM you and ask you some questions about your road generation method?

Keep up the good work!

Thanks CoquiGames,

Your project looks nice.

I don’t mind at all, in private please

Awesome work Coqui!