3D Character Modeling Position Available With Desiccated


Project Title:

Intro: Marketing & Community Manager @PlayDesiccated Developing Sales & Customer Relationship Management
Looking for talented artists and we pay via royalties.

Within this open world, you are a survivor trying to live in a collapsing society. You will be responsible for your own safety.
You can establish clans and allies with both players and NPCs in order to gain protection and to dominate the server!
You can also create your own base with materials from scavenging unexplored lands or looting other players. If society crumbled around you, how would you rebuild?

Looking For: 3D modeler with experience in UE4, texturing, shading, and character rigging.

-Reel demonstrating skills

I would like to discuss this with you in further details and answer any questions you may have.
Please reply below, email me, or PM me back.

Best Regards,

Jerome (Marketing & Community Manager) Business Email: Twitter: @JeromeMkting

We are currently looking for 1 more 3D Character Modeler! Please, contact me immediately to discuss this position further.