3D Character Modeler (Man, no face), Extra $ for rigging and animation

Hi I’m working on an upcoming game title and have reached the point of needing more professional art assets. I’m looking primarily for someone who can make a 3D character model of a male spy in a black hi-tech stealth suit with night vision goggles and full head mask (so no detailed face/hair or animation work needed there). I have specific reference photos but think Splinter Cell / Sam Fisher, mixed with Wraith from Paragon, but different enough to be unique, feel free to input some artistic creativity on it. UV unwrapping will be necessary, but not textures or materials.

After you’ve finished the model, if you’re an animator I could also pay you to make some custom animations for it usable on the default UE4 skeleton.

$120 starting, we can negotiate costs if you’re interested.
80,000 tris max (50,000 tris min)

Feel free to ask any details, and thanks!

You may just to run into copyright issues, sir.


I work with 3d max , zbrush , substance painter , 3d coat and photoshop.

Attached is a link to my Artstation portfolio.

And a link to a mobile game co created by me.…


I think I should be in the clear, again those are just a starting point for a vision. The concept of a high-tech stealth suit is very abstract. It just needs to be sleak, black, and look cool

Hmm, yeah. changing someone’s idea slightly can avoid copyright.

Though, if a suit follows you around, don’t blame me.

Thought id chime in and say your concept of

differs in two fundamental ways to Splinter cell.

  • hi-tech stealth suit can mean many things, beyond the character in splinter cell that wore a tech-less suit if I’m not mistaken - they were just clothing.
  • A fully covered head using “full head mask” is not something that was in splinter cell.

With those differences I’m sure you will be fine, ofc your game mechanics may want to avoid certain things like light to shadow stealth etc. Also avoid the same tri-objective lens which is easy bi the way )


*That’s my 2 cents nobody asked for * :cool:

i already stated he can avoid copyright by changing copyrighted elements elements.

sort-of layering on the BS, suspicous, but ok…


I can assist you into this as have relvant skills & expertise into the same.

Please check your PM.


As I pointed out (had you digested what was written) - the OPs initial post and description was fine, he doesn’t need to change a thing.