3D Character Artist lookin for works

Hi everyone,

My name is Bora Altay, i graduated from sculpture department faculty of fine arts in Turkey. Since then im working professionally as a 3D Artist,working on character and environment modeling for games and some cartoon movies and i am looking for a freelance/outsource jobs.

Please visit and take a look on my works :

And feel free to make a contact with me please.

Skype: Borraa4

Thanks for your time.


nice work! do you have some animated characters?

Yes, i have some walking animations on some of my characters. But i am not doing animation, just trying basic animations on my characters.

Hired @obscelum for a character model to be used in a UE4 project and the work he put out is excellent quality especially for the money, if you want AAA quality mesh and 4k textures at indie prices, obscelum aka Bora is your guy! He works very fast and very efficiently, send him some good references and you’ll see progress in no time. I’ll be definitely hiring him soon for more player models.

Check out my new work at;
Available for new works.

I love the quality of the characters you showed off, well done… PM’d you with question :slight_smile:

Check out my new work at;

Available now.

Check out my new works;


Check out my new work at;

Available for works.

A shot from my new character.

Check out my traditional anatomy studies; Bora Altay - traditional anatomy studies


Check out my new work at;


check out my new work at ;


here is a new update on my artstation;

check out!