3D Artist


I would like to say that I want to team up with some guys but I never have much of a free time and I am never on my pc on specific hours so it would be a pain for me and for the team to try to co-op on the project. That’s why I am looking for a 3d artist to make some medieval warrior armors/ mage robes and houses at his own pace. I am not seeking perfection as I am a starter here too, I am seeking for someone who likes what he does and is willing to help. For example, I would accept myself if I liked doing 3d design even being a starter

Currently I am working on an enormous RPG project and because I am making everything myself I would love to have a little help.
The 3d artist will be credited when the game will be released as part of the “team” and will be paid if the game makes money

If you are interested, pm me.

i will add you and maybe i can show you some pictures of my work it mostly sci fi themed

Thanks mate!

If anyone else is interested, feel free to pm me with your skype account. The more the better :smiley:

I wanted to say it from the start, but didn’t know how it will sound as I am the only one developing… So when the game will get money, the artist will get paid too, but I can’t pay anything right now…

@Innos were making an MMORPG/MORPG Hybrid right now and have a solid team of everything just about. We could use another coder if interested?

Thanks for the invitation dude, but this one is my dream project and I would like to finish it…

No worries, good luck! :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in making ancient tombs or ancient buildings?

No one confident enough that two people can make it? :smiley: (me and you)

tell me more about ur project.