3d Artist Skills include Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Blueprint's...Pricing is negotiable.

Skilled in Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging, Concepts, And Blueprints.
Artist Christian Najarian or MadElf…If you would like me to work on something for you then just email me with what you need…Prices are negotiable. If you would like to contact me my work Email is[FONT=Helvetica,Arial,Verdana,sans-serif] : [EMAIL=“”]
Payment for my services will not be hourly…Payment will be dictated by the work you are asking to be done.
All content is custom made…Feel free to leave feedback and comments I am happy to hear from the community.
I will update this with new work when possible to do so without disclosing information on the projects i am assigned to.
The video below is a small project I made in 7 weeks just to see if I could make an entire game…A lot of it was left unfinished and the level is just a test environment to see if the movement worked.

This one is of a character I made start to finish in a week using blender and sculptris…The rig and animation were only worked on for a day each so they need a little work.
This is just a quickie environment to see if the character looked good in game.
Above is a speed sculpt in Zbrush took about 45 minutes.
A quickie design in blender.
Another quickie in blender.
A model I did just for fun.
Above is an environment I made in Ue3 when I was 17…Six years ago I think.
Correction this scene above does actually use a sky dome done by Epic within UDK…But everything else is custom made.

I’ll add more as I go through my old work.

Some more of my work…Ill keep adding as I find them.

More stuff…

A scene made in blender…Inspired by Diablo 2.


Human Male sculpts in Zbrush quick version
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Quick Zbrush sculpts.

Recent work that didn’t make it in game
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Female anatomy ready to be clothed…made in blender and Zbrush.

cloth sim test.

photorealistic Cgi scene rendered and modeled in blender…the only thing that was used as an image was the Sydney background buildings.

a sword textured with procedural texturing nodes in blender…the only thing I did work on my besides modeling was the crystal at the hilt.