3D Artist Personalized Chibi Characters *Donations

Efficient game assets from high to low, from rigging to animation, textures, and blendshapes for facial expressions.
To me it’s about growth as an artist and the experience of working on a wide range of projects so

Will communicate frequently over skype or other means.

I will try very hard to exceed your expectations and make each asset unique and awesome.

My name is . Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.

If there is anything you need at all,
Allow me to create it,
and pay what you think it’s worth

By next week will probably be working with my laptop out of a tent
on a permanent camping trip, if you know what I mean.

Can do personal projects as well, such as turn you, a loved one, pet, children, etc
into a chibi character for a special occasion, a person avatar, Dating Profile, Facebook banner,
Church website, meetup group, or a gift. This could be a static pose or fully animated
with real time particle effects.