3D artist new to modding looking for mentor

Hey, I’m a 3D artist specializing in modeling/texturing (both hard surface and organic) for games, and I’d really like to get into mod making. I have some experience with integrating art into the unreal engine, but I’d really like some help making an actual mod with my art. I’m looking for people who could show me the ins and outs of what all goes into making a mod. If you want, you can look at my work at I chose to mod ARK because I really love dinosaurs. I would be super excited to mod a new dino, gun, or most anything else in return for some lessons in modding! Thanks!

You can get in tough with me at

Portfolio -

I’m starting in the art of mods on the dev kit.
And I needed help from someone who knew how to make drawings in 3D.
Would you join me?
I still do not know much I’m beginning


I am in the exact same situation. I am a 3d artist, I started playing this game recently and immediatly wanted to make new content.
I still dont see any mods using new 3d resources, so I will have one straight question:
Can we add shaders / materials / models to this game ?

Thank you


I can see it’s been about a month since you posted, and in forum time that’s basically a thousand years, but hopefully you’ll find this and read anyway, cuz darn it, I like bein helpful.
The answer to your question is yes. You can add all that via mods to ARK. There are quite a few mods that do it; the most prominent that come to mind are things like Annunaki Genesis (Though that’s mostly heavily tampered and re-skinned assets), most of the building mods, the Indominus Rex mod (because ofc there’s an Indom mod), and dozens if not hundreds of others. However, I could not begin to tell you how it’s done as I am searching for that same information myself. I too am an ARK-Obsessed 3d artist that wants to make cool things for a cool game, but alas, my search has come up empty thus far. If you learn anything (presuming you have read this at all, or anyone else for that matter) please share such wisdom with the rest of us.