3d artist needed (semi-realistic)

Project Title:

Tidewoken is a 3d turn-based tactical multiplayer game made in Unreal Engine, with a strong focus on competitive PvP.


  • Over 45 spells per character
  • Multiplayer backend with lobbies and matchmaking in the future
  • Multiple game modes like 2v2, 3v3 and PvE boss fights

Current Team Structure**:**
*) Gameplay programming, 2d art, 3d art - Me
*) Community Manager, Gameplay Designer
*) Backend Programmer
*) Audio designer

**Talent Required:

3d Artist**

  • Tasks consist of creating game-ready models including texturing (humanoids, non-humanoids and/or level props)
  • Any level of experience is welcome but you should be able to make similar models to existing ones
  • Workflow in Blender and Substance is a plus
  • Rigging/animating is a plus

Additional Info:
The game is in constant development by me since January 2019 and is planned to be released this year. Due to all my developing tasks I am looking for support in 3d work. Compensation will be royalty based as this is a passionate hobby project without any current funding.
I am also able to teach game-modeling and texturing basics.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“alfred.hromas@gmail.com”]alfred.hromas@gmail.com
Discord: Xreal#2792