3D Artist / Modeler Assoc

We’re seeking a 3D Artist to be contracted by DreamCode LLC but who will work exclusively on Boneyard Games projects. We would like to hear from the industry’s most talented 3D artists. Candidates should be able to demonstrate exceptional artistic skills, be self-motivated, responsive to direction and effective working to a brief. Candidates should be able to plan and schedule their time, work well under pressure and have the confidence to deliver to a deadline.

Team Name:
DreamCode LLC as Boneyard Games

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist

  • Experience with Maya or Maya LT required.
  • Experience with character rigging for UE4.
  • Expected to create clothing and hair models for our in-game character.

Before You Apply
This is a contract with DreamCode LLC, this is not a full-time position. Currently we plan to issue requests and we don’t know how frequent we’ll be asking for certain assets. We do intend to pay what you feel your time is worth. If you’re still interested then read below;

Please apply here…odeler-assoc/1, as I won’t check this forum/my inbox frequently for anyone interested. Plus it’s easier on us to keep things in one place :slight_smile:

Update: sufficient applicants
The listing has been taken down, possibly temporarily, we feel as if we have enough applicants that are qualified for the assignments. However, feel free to drop us your resume if we’re ever needing any additional help in the future. The listing may re-open if neither of the applicants are selected.

Thank You!