3D Artist Looking for Programmer

Hello, I am hoping to start a medium sized project with a programmer with me providing the art, and potentially helping with some of the programming. Most of the programming need is in multiplayer and procedurally generated levels (the entire game takes place in an office building with several floors so not generating entire worlds)

I can help with some of the programming since I am fairly adept at BP, and I think prefabricator could assist with the level generation.

I estimate that best case is 390h of total work to get basic functionality if the programmer has some experience in multiplayer and UE4.

If the game is made and sold, any profits will be shared. I can also share my knowledge of Blender, Substance Painter, and odds and ends in UE4.

You can see a small sample of my work here: 3D models by deranjer (@deranjer) - Sketchfab

My game design document is here: Tower Sprint GDD - Google Docs

Small Description of game:
Tower Sprint is a 4 person race to the bottom game with a low-poly fun aesthetic. 4 people start at the top of a procedurally generated tower and must race to get to the bottom of the tower. There are a variety of randomly placed tools to assist the player as well as slow down other players. Some examples include traps to disable players, rope ladders to speed descent on the outside of the tower, melee weapons, armor, and sledgehammers (for breaking through blockades).