3D artist looking for new opportunities - Serious teams look here!


I’m 26, been doing game related stuff for 2 years. Now I’m looking for if there is any teams that would want a cool guy in their project!

I want a team that has a clear goal, and a bright future = A serious team.

I have created and managed a team of 7 people, two years ago, we made this: Galactic Repairs - WIP 2 - YouTube
A smal demo was created, and I learned a lot! I was the project manager, character artist and props/3D artist and also did level-design.

I have not gone a game dev education, although I have through my engineering education read a course regarding game mechanics design. This is what I learned it the course:

This is some stuff I have made: ArtStation - Dennis Noubarpour

I am a social person who likes to bring a positiv spirit with people I work with. I am very hard working and always like to learn new stuff!
Don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of questions :slight_smile:

I have no clue what teams would be interested in me so I am just testing this out!

Kind Regards,


Hi AllinRisks,

Awesome Portfolio (+1 Vote). We need you on Team HEADLESS! You have knowledge of working inside UnrealEd (+1 Vote) and Project Management Experience (+1 Vote).

About Team HEADLESS. We’re a internationally distributed team of highly motivated individuals. We develop for the future leveraging:

  • Multiplayer Collaboration.
  • Modular Design.
  • In-game Editing/Assembly.
  • Procedural/Semi-proc Content Generation.
  • Marketplace Assets (substantial investment).

We’re actively developing our story and design for our Apocalyptic Sci-Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG which is work-in-progress, opened for your game ideas. The game will feature GOLEMCraft v2.0 (perfect for Stone Golems and more). I specialize in UE4 Blueprints we’re in need of a 3D artist who are go getters, with the skills to modify existing Character/Creature/Weapons/other Entity Assets and create new ones. We aim to be successful generating Royalty revenue with a multi-tiered strategy for monetization and marketing.

Lets talk when convenient here or on Discord.

TechLord @