3D Artist / Level Designer for WW1 student game project

I am here on behalf of our computer science student group. We are running a private research project on Artificial Intelligence on Unreal Engine 4. The aim is to make the AI learn the play style of other players (NPC/Human) and use it against them. To demonstrate the result, we decided to make a small WW1 Online FPS to test our idea.
We also formed a small discord group to recruit volunteers to help us. If you need a playground to show off your talent, as well as a small reference for your profile, you can apply for the following posts:

  1. 3D Modeller: medium-high quality character / weapons /props - Verdun (game) standard
  2. 3D Animator: realistic animations for human characters
  3. Voice actor (urgent): native speaker from Germany, France, Great Brittain and Russia.
  4. Level designer: extensive knowledge of WW1, medium-large maps

Please contact me privately or join our discord group, #recruitment.
Thank you for your time and attention!