3D Artist | Level Designer | ETC (Portfolio in description) $10 to $60 Jobs Only


Email: [EMAIL=“”]

(I will not be doing big jobs at this time.)

I was major scammed by a user named Skramanji. DerekDefalt#1201 is his Discord.
We made a contract deal and he broke it.
I sent him the files after a week and got screwed on five hundred dollars.

Not sure if you are living in the United States, but if you do change your mind about tacking large jobs, you can give these lot a try. The employer is very professional with business and ensure they will not deceive or betray you.…at-cybercoders

As for your scammer, you can report him to the scammer registry thread here. I know what it’s like to be scammed and betrayed, it’s partly the reason I generally work alone on my personal projects.…m-reports-tips