3D Artist / Environment Props


I’m an artist looking for a project in environment props.

About me :

I’ve been doing art for many years on and off, its always had a fun factor and a real rewarding aspect once a model is completed.
I use alot of different software listed below.

  • Maya
  • Mudbox
  • Photoshop
    • Others

However it has been a while since I’ve done any art so a trail would be wise :slight_smile:
So if you want to give us a shot please drop us a message.

Some examples.



Death Octimus

Would you be interested in working on an extreme racing game with a twist? I am assembling a small team, and the game has zero budget. I myself am a 3D artist as well and need help due to the large amount of realistic props/environment we will need.

Your work looks good from what I see. I’m interested in working on a project with you. That is if your not already occupied. Can contact me at

Hi there, if you are still interested/available, then please check out our post - Looking for additional team members to complete techdemo. - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums, and get in touch if you want to know more.


I am putting together a team to help create a game called “Future Calling” a game set in the past present and future. It will be a action rpg with real time weapon based combat, quests/ puzzles etc. Your art is amazing so I would love to chat with you about the game/story/ideas if the project appeals to you. contact me @ if interested.

I am here on behalf of our computer science student group at University La Rochelle, France. We are running a private research project on Artificial Intelligence on Unreal Engine 4. The aim is to make the AI learn the play style of other players (NPC/Human) and use it against them. To demonstrate the result, we decided to make a small WW1 Online FPS to test our idea.
We also formed a small discord group to recruit volunteers to help us. If you need a playground to show off your talent, as well as a small reference for your profile, you can apply for the following posts:

Kindly note that we do this project out of passion and curiosity, with no commercial aim. To assure the benefit of 3d artists who join us, you will have “collaborator” status: you own every right (even commercial) to your creations and grant us exclusive rights to use it for our project.

Please contact me privately or join our discord group, #recruitment. We are looking forward to meet you!
Thank you for your time and attention!