3d Artist, Character artist and Digital sculptor

I’m a 3d artist and digital sculptor freelancer. I have full availability. My top skills are modelling and texturing for Video games, VFX, animation and 3d Printing (for War games and tabletop games). I can develop characters, creatures, enviroment or vehicles. I have knowledge about good topology for animations, UV mapping, and optimization techiques for vfx, animation or video games. Also I can prepare digital sculptures for 3d printing and its subsequent production for wargames or board games.

I have worked as a character artist for the company Knight models. It is a board game company with reputable commercial licenses such as DC or Harry Potter. I have been in the development of the disembodied video game as a 3D artist for a year. I have been mainly developing characters and some 3d assets needed for the environment. Disembadied has won and has been nominated for several awards at an international level. It has won the “2018 SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition”. It has been nominated for the best art, the prize of the press, the best game, and has won the prize for the best use of the PlayStation platform in the fourth edition of PlayStation 2017 awards. Also I have been participating as modeler in VFX proyects for publicity. While working at all the previous projects I’ve been taking sporadic projects as a freelance too.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.
Thaks for your time