3D Artist (Blueprinter as well) looking for a project to join


As title says im doing 3D modelling and i can also do BP`s
Here is a link to my portfolio

  • Hard and Soft surface modelling
  • Props and assets creation

Im using Blender, substance Painter and Substance designer. My workflow is a complete cycle: modelling, texturring, setting up material
in UE4, creating a BP for an asset i`ve created (+rigging if needed). So im delivering really game ready assets directly creating them in UE4
so coder or a blueprinter doesnt have to bother tuning up my models.

Im intrested in a work (royalty\paid) over a creative and suitable (for indie team) project, which has a potential and actually has chances to become at least tech demo or alpha.
I can provide additional pictures of my work if needed via email. I can create pretty much anything, except complex characters models.

So if you need a guy like me - let me know by sending me PM :slight_smile:


Hello I found your post on unreal forums and I would like to see if you would be interested in joining us? we are building a MMO prototype and need to get some work done, we need to get some ships, mechs and other props created. I am also looking for a blueprint coder. I have a funding company that is looking at us but they need to see the prototype and will fund us. This could turn into a fulltime position. let me know if you are interested. you can email me at or skype me amgraham75