3D-Artist available again

Hello, i am a 3D-Artist, doing character and creature modeling, as well as environment, vehicle and asset modeling.

Feel free to ask me anything:
My portfolio:

Here are my latest portfolio pieces:






Have a nice day!
Helmut Stark

Just as a heads up, your artstation link points to the profile edit page, not your personal portfolio page :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh! Thank you Swanton! I´ve fixed that…

Here´s the link to the portfolio again:

Small Hardsurface Kitbash from the Model I´ve posted in the first Thread:

Both about 2 Hours of bashing… Rig for the last one took about 30 Min.

I hired him for a character model, he did excellent work, very fast and efficient. His texture work is phenomenal, very much recommended.