3D artist, animation, blueprint


My name is Anton. I’m just an enthusiast who wants to join any game project to gain experience and be part of the game development process. I’ve been going through tutorials for UE4, Blender and GIMP and I feel that I’ve learned enough to contribute to a project. Here’s my most recent character creation, i’m currently doing some animations for him.

I’ve also worked on a chess game in UE4 using blueprints. It’s too large to attach here, but if you wanna see it, then I can find some way to share it with you. :slight_smile:
If there are other things you need like c++, I’m willing to take time to study them.

So if you need help with your project, or if you’re planning to start something, I’d be glad to be part of it. You don’t have to pay me anything and I’ll commit any available time I have for it.

Just send me a message here.

PM sent :slight_smile:

PM sent ^^

Hello Anton! Cool to see your work and would like to see some more, especially of your animations. Do you have a link to a demo reel or some videos of your animations you have created in UE4?


Neil Sauvageau
Lead Designer/Producer
Pixelight Games

Are you free to do an animation/or blueprint unpaid for my upcoming Spider-Man PC game

Hi yam9, are you still free for unpaid work?
I need some skilled mates to my team like you if interesed contact me:

P.S. If you join your task will be modeling more or less realistic characters and weapons.
Waiting for reply.

Hi yam,
I’m Dyutin.R,15 years old.I’m from India.I’ve just downloaded unreal engine and I don’t know nothing about it.But I got a concept which have a high success rate,I think so.If u r intreseted working with me pls reply me and I will send you the concept

I need your help :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I am a student from Germany who wants to create a PC Game. I need people who want to join me on the trip to create a computer game. You can be a member/ developer that get payed when funds are raised on kickstarter. At the moment I only have a concept of how the game will look like.

This is a “SciFi”/Zombie game. You are a member of a company, that is specialized on neural networking and virtual reality.

You can enter the hub to dive into different scenarios.

The first scenario (set in ~ 2020) is an open world zombie apocalypse, where you and your friends have to gather resources and build bases to survive. Also driving vehicles and upgrading them with metal panels, carbon windows etc.

The idea of the game is to create something without an HUD, so everything is as realistic as possible.
In the future there will be a parkour system like in Mirrors Edge

So at the moment i can not pay you anything, maybe it will work in the future with the help of fund raising.

Have a nice day!

E-Mail: whitecrispstudios@yahoo.com

would love to chat add me on
skype: ( Display Picture)

Greetings! If you are not busy with other work, I am in need of a animator. You can contact me via michaelboone137@yahoo.com so we can talk more.

Yam9, if you are still looking for a project we have a very hard working small indie game development team getting closer and closer everyday to a release to our game. We would love to have a character artist to help us with our project. You can obtain more information about this indie game team by emailing us at: thegovernmentexperiment@gmail.com - Thanks so much for the consideration and we hope to be hearing from you as soon as possible!!

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