3d app -> UE4 workflow


what I find a little tedious is the inability to combine / separate a static mesh inside the the editor, ala Maya… So I could import a big fbx mesh and if I want I can split it into different meshes by element (selected by material as usual) . In this way if I need to update/move a single part on a big structure I don’t need to re-import everything, re assign materials to everything…etc.
I can pre-split the work from maya into separate fbxes , but I already ‘separate’ things by material , so it’s double the work if I also need to split into different fbxes.
Maybe I’m missing some basic info and it’s already possible? Thank you!

There’s no way to edit a static mesh that way, you need to have them correct before exporting. I may be remembering wrong, but I think UDK had the option to combine static meshes, but there’s definitely no way to separate them.