3D Animator/Previs Artist seeking freelance

Hello, my name is Pauline Lu. Hire me to tell your story through amazing animation in your game or film. I am well versed in Maya. I have 2 years of experience doing freelance animation as well as 4 years of general 3D training including modeling, texturing, rigging, and programming. This means I understand the pipeline and the importance of delivering a clean product that will easily integrate into your processes, and can be followed up by other team members.

If your game or film is not yet at the stage of needing fully polished animation, and you need someone with an eye for composition and layout, I would happily be of service to create cinematics, previs assets, or first-pass animation.

I can easily adapt to any style. I am very organized, take direction well, and am passionate about creating quality work. Check out my demo reel and portfolio. If you would like to work together, please email me here. Currently available for remote contract work.