3D Animator Position for Steam Game


I am looking for an animator who will be responsible for the FPS animations of a game on Steam. I am a 2D/3D Generalist for Games, but I am a very poor organic animator! Also, I do not have the skillset working with FPS animations, and it will be helpful to bring someone on board who is proficient in animation. All other animations are handled by Mixamo, so don’t worry the duties are light and the rewards are high.

I am also looking for a SFX Engineer who can create sound effects for some every day events. It’s a big bonus if you are familiar with echoing, reflection, and standing waves. The environment is very open and a very large desert, so loud sounds like gunshots, explosions, and metal working will carry for quite a while.

More info about the game once I can look over your portfolio.

Please send me a PM or respond to this posting with your Portfolio.