3D/2D Artists, Programmers/AI/blueprint designers, concept artists needed for sci-fi racer

My name is James McVinnie. I’ve been working in the AAA industry for 6 years on such franchises as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars and Team Fortress 2. I’ve recently gone indie with some industry friends and we are looking to expand our team for our first project. Here is an example of some content we have made for a game together already. 1 thing that is important to us is that the team is invested in what they do and can get behind a project 100%. We would like to avoid people who just come in for portfolio work or to tide them selves over financially. We treat our group like family and would like to welcome people in to share their own ideas and input on a flat level structure. We all live internationally but have regular meet ups when we can. Our scope target for content complete is a year from now and we want to pay people a full time monthly salary for the duration of the time they will be working on the project. The amount can be negotiated based on the skillset and output. If the relationship works out we will offer to change the contract to full time employment on project completion.

The game will be a high speed heavily stylized sci-fi racing game inspired by franchises such as burnout and SSX but with an additional level on control and management outside of the races to flesh out the accompanying story mode. For art style we are looking east to get Asian influences.

We are looking for the roles in the thread title. But highly skilled generalists are preferred as we all try to have a broad knowledge of what each other are doing. If you are interested, please fill out the small form below and email it to me at Thanks. If you have any further questions feel free to ask below and I will try to answer as best as I can.

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Thanks again,
James McVinnie