3D/2D Artist Model,Animation Prices?

It was even more hilarious because the giant-armed-character was an attractive female character. And that arm was HUGE. I’m talking she had one HULK arm, and one normal dainty girl arm. And it wasn’t like it was a mutant arm or anything, it was just the dainty girl-arm modeled like 5x bigger. WTheck!

I’ll be frank with you, I’m a pretty joyless person that doesn’t laugh a lot but that is hilarious! :slight_smile:

I have a question…
How long does a good artist usually works on a new 3D character model with animation and everything?
How long for a 3D model without animation - e.g. a bridge?

It will still depend on the design and the request of the client…

Let’s take these random models I found in the web as an example:

425aa703b3bc9a80cd065ca9cd9ce4872c06551d.jpeg (no animation)

127e8ff3a879ba4f4474827e4f195ad7ee40ef36.jpeg (walk and run animation)

a thread in the forum would be great, where indie devs can ask for specific models and artists can post their prices and how long it would take :>
(mby such a thread already exists?)

Interested in where to learn to create 3D Models then, and how long these people work on the characters and models posted above.

It’s really hard to say, people have different techniques and skills so it all depends on each person but a Character from scratch would take a very long time, I know I spent a couple of weeks on our first one, but I was pretty inexperienced with character modeling before that.

You’ll need to:
Create the base and it’s extremely important that this one is perfect, bad topology results in bad animations so making a good base mesh is extremely hard and takes a lot of time.
Make a higher poly version
Unwrap it, shouldn’t take too long but it takes a while.
Sculpt details in zbrush or similar, this probably takes a handful of hours at least if you want it to look good.
Skin and rig the model, also takes a lot of time and is crucial to get right if you want good animations.
Animate it, also takes a lot of time, especially if you want it to look realistic.
Texture it, and bake all the maps which also takes quite some time.
And then you need to put it together with blueprints in UE which I have never done but I assume it might take a while.
Also you’ll probably want to make even lower poly versions for LOD.

I know it’s very vague but It’s hard to estimate since it all depends on so many different factors, but one thing is always the same, it will take a lot, and I mean A LOT of time, even for simpler characters.
They might look simple but that doesn’t make it a lot easier, you’ll still have to do all these things which won’t be a whole lot quicker just because it’s a lower poly model.

speed modelling.
6 weeks, character + animation

Ok but isn’t it possible to get rigging pre-done, some animations pre-done and then fine tune them? Is there a faster way of animating?

Also in terms of modeling what are things that save hours?

I am writing down lists of things that save hours of work.

If you are making a human, and you know you will make humans, can’t you just take animations/rigging/textures that others have used? And then add your own to fine tune? I just don’t see how that doesn’t save at least 50% of time.

If you want to create a 3D model yourself, you can try to use MakeHuman and import the models (including bones for animation) into blender, there you can edit them.
Thats rly good if you have no creativity at all (like me :>).


with MakeHuman ( you can create Human 3D models with a few clicks, seems like you can also create simple cloths for the naked models.
In youtube you’ll also find some examples how to import them into blender and edit them/ create animations with the existing bones

Will check out makehuman.

I wonder if there are other softwares that help you “character create”

Also I have a question.

For a game like an MMO where characters should be unique and you should give players customization, how do the companies let characters customize things like eye size etc.

MMO’s usually use custom engines so I assume it’s just a matter of the engine programmers creating character customization in tandem with the art people.

There used to be a third party character customization software that could be integrated into games, I think it was what Elder Scrolls Oblivion used. Can’t recall the specifics though.

Under the hood I guess it’s just a combination of face and body morphs, several pre-made hair cuts, clothes, eye shapes/colors and so on.

Personally, I’ve had completely different results. Guess that’s to be expected, though. As such, I’ll chalk it up to the artists you were working with. I find most to be very competitively priced.

In fact, there’s studios outsourcing the majority of their art to other countries. I recall Spicy Horse, of whom setup shop in Shanghai, China due to it.

Anyhow, as with anything - you’ll have to look around for reliable artists. I also find it best to have an agreement for payment in place, upon specific milestones, so that such problems with the modeling work doesn’t arrive :wink:

Edit: It might be worth taking a look at such sites as Freelancer (or the like), if you’re working on a strict budget.

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Shut up and take my money!

Also please do not go the licensing route that DaZ Studio did with their 500.00 USD “indie license”.

Any you will have my money :slight_smile:


Create a separate post for it under the plugin section or Work in progress!

This is something that I and many others want!

I hate Daz3d’s Licensing for games and soon 3D printing… So I am glad that there will be competition in their area of the market. :slight_smile:

Just curious will this be unreal engine only or will it be available for other engines (Cryengine/Unity) as well?

No reason to limit yourself. :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you do post - Expect me to cheer you on to the finish line!

The initial focus is on UE4 with long-term goals to support other Game Development Systems. The HighArch Emporium will be powered by UE4, but, assets purchased will be distributed in the format applicable to selected dev platform. I participate in several Game Dev communities:,,,,,,, Thus I’m very aware of the 100,000’s of other amateur game dev, hobbyist, gamers-turned-gamedev who would be interested in the Mystique Entity System.

I’m not ready to post a work in progress thread at the moment as I’m gearing up for a Artist Recruitment campaign. The timing is contingent on the demand for the MMO Plug-in which will get first priority.

Hey Techlord,

Sent you a PM about an artist that might be looking for work.

So check your PM’s :slight_smile:

Edit: Sent you another PM.

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