3D 1 side-view Game: Camera and player movement


I’m trying to make a 3D game where your looking into the levels from 1 side:

I’m having trouble with the player character and camera. I don’t want the camera to move with the character. I can only find 2D tutorials where they make a character where the camera is moving with the character.

You’ll need your camera separate from your player blueprint. Add a camera actor to your level, position it as needed. Open your level blueprint and add the code in the top of image (you may need to uncheck context sensitive for “Set View Target with Blend” to appear)

Next you’ll need to update the player character to use the camera’s point of view for controls. Create a camera actor variable in your player blueprint, set it to instance editable. Update the movement code as seen below.

Now in your level, set the Camera variable on the player to the camera actor you placed and it should all work. Hope that helps!