(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

HasSubstring, returns whether one string is a substring of another!

(as of 6/11/15)

Dear Community,

I’ve made a new BP node for you!

HasSubstring compliments the functionality of FindSubstring.

FinsSubstring requires more inputs and returns an index within the source string.

My node, HasSubstring, requires only 1 input and only returns whether or not the supplied substring is in the source string.

I use the C++ version of HasSubstring the so I felt you would enjoy having it in BP as well!

**Example Usage ~ Search **

If you wanted to make a string-based search , that iterated over the contents of a list of UMG Texts, you can take the user's supplied search string and use my **HasSubstring **node to find  the UMG Text widgets that contain the user's supplied search string.

**Latest plugin download is here: (about 8 mb) **