(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

That’s a great idea, but for one thing, if I did that then the support thread would likely move to the marketplace page and I prefer to keep all the attention centralized in this thread.

UE4 marketplace has a strict character limit on comments and subposts are posted in reverse order, making it kind of impossible for me to write the sort of length posts that I like to write. Not really an issue for marketplace intended usage, but I do think all the questions would move over there causing a split I’d have to battle with constantly, to reply here for the loveliness of non-existant character limits :slight_smile:

Also it is not that hard at all for me to update the plugin now that I have learned and used the UE4 marketplace C++ plugin workflow (I learned this while making my Binary Compressed Save System plugin and Per Bone Melee Weapon plugin for UE4 marketplace) that automatically generates everything for me and in the proper format.

It is very nice to hear from you!



Hi Rama,
Can you share some details on UE4 marketplace C++ plugin workflow, I am working on a plugin but I am not sure what are the requirements for the marketplace.

Hello, is there any update for the ReKeyBinding project compatible with ue4.12.

I experience some dificulties, can you help me ? (The button don’t focus)


You need you to set the interaction in element by “mouse down”. (need improvement if you move the mouse or others)


Edit 2 : Finnaly achieved the conversion to 4.10 -> 4.12

follow here (can be buggy) :

You are a GOD!
You add everything which EPIC simply didnt include! The very BASIC FUNCTIONALITY is now available for everybody without studying the Engine for months!

And i have a giant feature request which maybe takes you 5 minutes :smiley:
Dear sir, would you kindly add a very minor feature request to send and listen for UDP packets via blueprints? I know you’ve already provided the code for it. But i for myself (im a PHP programmer btw!) have a hard time with Epic’s C++ implementations and would, like many others, love to use blueprints instead, which, I believe, is also the reason why this awesome thread exists.


[MENTION=29846]Blue man[/MENTION],

Here you go!

Rama Guide on How to Package C++ Plugins for the UE4 Marketplace

Thanks for sharing the updated version of my Key Rebinding system!

Lovely to hear from you Tymax!

And Great idea! It requires its own actor / component though because of the async nature of the task, so I will have to think of best way to handle this and will impl when I get the time :slight_smile:



Thank you :slight_smile:

From what I can see it seems like it is only required to add ‘WhitelistPlatforms’.

That is simply awesome! I progressed a little bit further by understanding your C++ code, but im still far away to create something which could be used in a productive way by myself, leave alone solving the problems that come along with it. And i was correct, you are a GOD :slight_smile:

Thanks alot and Greetings!

Rama, I honestly can’t remember, are you still doing preview release compatible versions of the Victory Plugin?

I had thought that moving over to the Marketplace standard for code plugins would have meant that plugins didn’t need to be re-cooked for every version of UE but 4.13p1 is giving me the “try rebuilding from source manually” error when building Victory for the first time…

Hee hee!

Lovely to hear from you @Tymax!!!

Congratulations on learning C++ !



Oh I will have to download the preview build and figure out what is going on there, 1 moment

EDIT: was the 4.13 preview 1 taken back down? I restarted my launcher and I can’t seem to add a preview build of 4.13 no matter what I try :slight_smile:




Dear Community,

I was saving out Vector,Rotator, and Color data to a text file using my Victory BP Library node, Save String Array to File.

And found there was no way to convert a vector that was turned into a string… back into a vector :slight_smile:

**Two-Way Conversion Now!**

I've added 3 new nodes to my Victory BP library that enable you to convert Vectors, Rotators, and Colors **back from string data** into the original primitive variable types!

String Data Validity Check

I supply a bool to let you know if the string data was solid or not and was able to be converted properly.

Like on Twitter:

Github Submission to the Engine

**New Download for UE4 4.12 (55mb, Media Fire)**

♥ Please note I now use the UE4 Marketplace C++ Plugin Standard when packaging Victory plugin for you ♥

1. Win64 Development
2. Win64 Shipping  **<~~~~~~ NEW!**
3. Win32 Development
4. Win32 Shipping
4. HTML5 Development
5. HTML5 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**

Please see my instructions for [Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game](!&p=476476&viewfull=1#post476476).

Prior Engine Versions

**4.11: **

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Hey there, your Plugin rocks!
All These new Nodes are very usefull!

A question/Feature request:

Is it possiblte to implement TMap und TSet with your plugin?
Probably not because we don’t have These types in Blueprint. But is it possible to create “your own” Type ?

Your question is excellent!

Actually I already implemented Tmaps as a custom actor component!


The types are fixed for technical reasons, if there’s a pairing of data types you need that is base engine types let me know!



PS: see next post :slight_smile:

Victory TMap Component


Rama’s Blueprints TMap Solution!

I’ve now made a BP TMap solution!

TMap is a data structure that is not yet exposed to BP, but I’ve made a component-based solution for you so that you can use TMaps in BP!

**What's a TMap?**

Really it's name is "Map" and T is the class specifier in C++, but I tend to call them TMaps since Map is a rather generic word.

A TMap is a data structure based on Key,Value pairs, where for any Key there is only one Value.

This allows internal data structure look up times that are much faster than a regular dynamic array.

This also allows for the association of dissimilar data types in a way that you organize.

For example, you can map a set of integers to a set of Vectors, so that each integer is related to exactly one vector.

Or, as I provide you with in my plugin, you can **relate a String to an Actor**!

This means you can look up an Actor reference via a simple string input!

Or you can look up Vector data based on String data!

**The primary use of TMaps is for efficient lookup of data**, which dynamic arrays simply cannot do because there is no guarantee or assumption with dynamic arrays of anything like a key,value where each key has only 1 value.

**The rules of TMaps allow for efficient look up to speed up your game flow!**

Actor Component

My solution is component-based, which means you can have per-instance TMap data for your game’s actors!

You simply add my Victory TMap Component to any actor you want!

I used the My Character blueprint in my own tests!!!

You can use literally any actor you want, or make a new actor BP whose only role is to house the TMap Component

**Supported Types**


**Supported TMap Functions**



Additional TMap Combinations

If you find that you cannot use my existing set of TMap Combinations to fulfill your game’s needs, let me know by posting in this thread and I can add additional TMaps to the component.

**Per Instance**

Remember that what I providing you with is a component-based solution, so you can add this TMap data to as many actors in your game as you want, and have per-instance variations in the data contained therein!

New Download for UE4 4.12 (55mb, Media Fire)

:heart: Please note I now use the UE4 Marketplace C++ Plugin Standard when packaging Victory plugin for you :heart:

  1. Win64 Development
  2. Win64 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**
  3. Win32 Development
  4. Win32 Shipping
  5. HTML5 Development
  6. HTML5 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**

Please see my instructions for Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game.

**Prior Engine Versions**

**4.11: **

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awesome plugin!

Sadly I’m experiencing an issue with the “Get Brush Resource as texture 2D” Node.

I’m generating a brush from a Material Instance with a size of 256x256, but the resulting Texture 2D is always 0x0. Is there a specific workflow to make it work?

I’m using 4.12 if that makes a difference.

What version of UE4 is supported?

Tried to change code a little for another data source but I recieve so many errors about includes :frowning: How do I even find what is this error about?

*Info ??? ??? D:…\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\UE4Editor-VRConstructor-3206.lib ? ??? D:…\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\UE4Editor-VRConstructor-3206.exp
Error MyBPFunctionLibrary.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? “__declspec(dllimport) void __cdecl ThumbnailTools::RenderThumbnail(class UObject *,unsigned int,unsigned int,enum ThumbnailTools::EThumbnailTextureFlushMode::Type,class FTextureRenderTargetResource *,class FObjectThumbnail *)” (_imp?RenderThumbnail@ThumbnailTools@@YAXPEAVUObject@@IIW4Type@EThumbnailTextureFlushMode@1@PEAVFTextureRenderTargetResource@@PEAVFObjectThumbnail@@@Z) ? ??? "public: static class UTexture2D * __cdecl UMyBPFunctionLibrary::LoadTexture2D(class UObject ,bool &,int &,int &)" (?LoadTexture2D@UMyBPFunctionLibrary@@SAPEAVUTexture2D@@PEAVUObject@@AEA_NAEAH2@Z)
Error D:…\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-VRConstructor-3206.dll : fatal error LNK1120: ??? ??? ???: 1
Info ERROR: UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item: D:…\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-VRConstructor-3206.dll

	TArray<uint8> RawFileData;
	FObjectThumbnail ObjectThumbnail;
	ThumbnailTools::RenderThumbnail(Asset, Width, Height, ThumbnailTools::EThumbnailTextureFlushMode::NeverFlush, NULL, &ObjectThumbnail);
	RawFileData = ObjectThumbnail.GetUncompressedImageData();

Thanks you in advance! I got this issue so many times it’s enough for avoiding resolve, so help me understand it)

Victory Plugin 4.13 Released!

Dear Community,

I’ve now released a 4.13 version of my Victory Plugin!

New 4.13 Download

Prior engine version downloads are listed below!

Please note that the 4.13 download is for the current Preview 1 build and if you encounter any issues with future Preview engine builds let me know!



**New Download for UE4 4.13 Preview (55mb, Media Fire)**

♥ Please note I now use the UE4 Marketplace C++ Plugin Standard when packaging Victory plugin for you ♥

1. Win64 Development
2. Win64 Shipping  **&lt;~~~~~~ NEW!**
3. Win32 Development
4. Win32 Shipping
4. HTML5 Development
5. HTML5 Shipping **&lt;~~~~~~ NEW!**

Please see my instructions for [Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game](!&p=476476&viewfull=1#post476476).

Prior Engine Versions

**4.12: **

**4.11: **

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Hi Rama

Many thanks for your plugins, the extra nodes are proving really useful.

If I may add a couple of suggestions for future nodes.

At present “loops” cannot have a delay, you can make your own macro but you have to do this in each individual BP
it would be really handy to have a “for each loop” node with a float input pin for delay duration. (would be nice for all loop types)

This a the macro version of ForEachLoopWithDelay

Regards Paul G


Gives me this macro Node


No credit claimed for the feature … it is from IRYO’s Blog

So how do I get unreal to either change the variable base on the text file or do something (like pause the game) if there is a/any change in that text file?