(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

@Rama, would you be interested in integrating these two plugins I made? I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with the changing versions in order to keep them updated, and they sort of fit the theme of your BP library already.

If you want, I can even submit a pull request with the changes, though it would also be very easy to just swipe them off of Github an add them directly to your source.

(Both of these are compiled/set up against 4.3.1, just for reference.)

Thanks for your awesome plugin! I figured I should contribute back anything useful and self-contained I make considering how awesome the community here is about sharing.

How the heck did i miss those? :eek: Brilliant plugins!

Thanks :smiley: I haven’t really posted much about them (though I did put a thread up for the Ogg loader plugin in the WIP section). In particular the texture load was something I whipped up at the request of someone on Reddit (credit goes to Ehamloptiran for the meat of the code), though I had been thinking of making one for a bit (want to do a VR comic book reader).

To improve them (and some of this is beyond my capabilities) it would be awesome to make it so they’d support more file formats - for the sound loading, it’s .ogg only, and for the texture loading, .dds only. Ideally they’d be able to take .mp3/.flac and .png/.jpg/.tga, respectively.

Edit: I think I’ve found a semi-decent way of getting in some mp3 support for the loading plugin, but I’ll have to do a bunch more work on it. It’s something I definitely need if I’m going to sell my VR audiobook player.


I just finished upgrading plugin to 4.4!

How do you want your name to appear in the credits on the function comment / tooltip for you?

Contributed by n00854180t ?



Victory BP Library and Vertex Snap are Upgraded to 4.4

Both of my plugins that are in the download in the original post,

are now updated to 4.4 !


**4 Nodes Contributed by n00854180t

Load Texture 2D From File!

Load Sound Wave From File!

Play Sound From File at Location

Play Sound Attached From File!**

Thanks n00854180t!


PS: All of this is up to 4.4 now!

Rama, you should contact Epic to change your forum name to Awesome. Or they should make a unique awesomeness banner for you!

@Rama - Jacky is right, you’re awesome!

Thanks for the credit - additional credits to Ehamloptiran for his DDS load to Texture2D example, and keru for his Ogg to SoundWave example, and of course you for your BP library plugin example :smiley:

I feel like I’m window shopping when I read through all these BP nodes.

I think his title suits him rather well actually!! :wink:


Hee heee!

Hee hee!

Thanks for the contributions!

I hope it is now clear to others that they are free to contribute nodes as well that I will maintain engine version to engine version!



Get Screen Resolutions Now Works in Packaged Game

My Get Screen Resolution Nodes works in packaged games now!

In 4.3 the core function in C++ was not working in BP, but now it is! Epic fixed it!

Enjoy getting the screen resolutions of the end user’s hardware in your game now!

It is obtained from the user’s display adapter directly! No guessing or preset values!




Get OS Platform

Platforms you can check for:








Feature Request

I really hate to be greedy, but at the same time this simple functionality would go miles for me.

Please implement a node for loading from a file. Similar to the one you have for writing to a file.

The plugin is Awesome - Thanks Rama!

I was wondering if anyone more knowledgable than me could help me with a small question?

I’m attempting to get the plugin to compile on an Android with a Tegra4. With the plugin enabled it won’t compile, but I can compile without it enabled. I don’t have a lot of tablet experience.

My engine version is 4.4.0

Any help is appreciated,


*Edit - I figured out the problem - stupid me used a wrong version of the plugin when I pasted it into my temp project directory. If you see this problem with others, I’m pretty sure that’s what the problem was. Thanks for the great plugin.


You mean loading a text file from hard disk?

I can do that!

I can even parse each line as a separate line in an array of strings, any preferences there?

Please confirm b4 I invest any time in it :slight_smile:

I am glad you got it figured out, and you are welcome!

Oh wow yes, parsing each line as a separate line in an array of strings would be absolutely perfect!

<3 you Rama. I really appreciate how much you contribute to this community and to me personally. (Whether you realize it or not :wink: )

You are the best Rama! :slight_smile:

@Rama - I’m currently trying to read image files out of a .zip archive. Right now I’m using a third party library (miniz), but it doesn’t handle the file IO properly for UE4’s purposes.

Is there a way to load in a ZIP and get all the files out of it/uncompress them in the engine somewhere? I’ve tried looking in the docs and API a lot, but all the archive related functionality is pretty opaque to me. I just need to know if there’s a way to do it with the engine classes, as right now I have it hacked to load the zip using the built in functionality (load to binary array ala your save/load system), and then use miniz’s initialization from memory, but it seems to fail somewhere along the way.

I’m not looking forward to rewriting the little library to use UE4’s file and memory functionality, but if there’s nothing in the engine for what I need to do (just load a zip, get a list of files, uncompress them to the head as binary data).

Any tips you could give me would be much appreciated - I’m going to be updating my TextureFromDisk functionality to handle other files than DDS, but I can’t test that until I get the zip loading working.

Edit: Miniz was failing because it was using the stock memcpy - but when I tried including something into miniz.c in order to get access to UE’s FMemory functions, it caused a bunch of compilation errors.

For now I’ve decided to rewrite this other library, JUnzip, with UE4 file IO classes, since it seems all of the libraries available rely on regular file/memory access.

Edit #2: Got it working :slight_smile: I’m going to be working on more advanced support and building out my comic book reader. I’ll probably release the zip plugin on the marketplace for a few bucks.

Hey Rama!

Love this plugin! We have been using since you first released it!

Just recently, (today really), we officially have a combination BP and C++ project going, as we discovered we needed C++ to the more trickier things we want to do. With the plugin installed though, Visual Studio is not able to compile the editor. I do know the source is given with the plugin, do we just copy the the contents on the source folder in your Plugin folder, so our project’s “Source” folder? Just looking for some clarification.

Thanks so much!

The plugin should be at Engine\Plugins\VictoryPlugin with the Source folder inside of that, then you just need to GenerateProjects.bat.