(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Plugin is up to date on github now :slight_smile:

Can you prepare a sample project with only a little bit of blueprints, that has the issue you are describing, and post a link?

Have you tried in 4.15?


Hello Rama, I want to know do you have any suggestion to show a menu in just desktop window when player is in VR mode ? I want to render an UMG in desktop window not in HMD...
Something like attached image.
Thank you...

Sounds like you need a separate instance of the game / a different program in order to do that, because you want a viewport other than the gameviewport which is what the HMD is looking at :)

I dont understand the problem you are having, here is my latest link:

4.15 Build (HTML5, win32, win64, editor, dev packaged, and shipping)

I just downloaded from this link myself, and tested in a new 4.15 BP-only project, it loaded just fine :slight_smile:



Dunno if this is the correct place to ask, but since I didn’t find a topic dedicated to it, I’ll place my question here:

Is there any updated version of Victory Ed Engine (The snap vertex editor)? I’ve been using the 4.14 version but I’d like to update to 4.15.1 but all I can find is “The lastest version available: 4.14” to download.


Thank you Rama i found that we can show totally different screen in mirror window from the VR HMD, all is in SteamVRRender, it’s easy to edit even we can show blank screen in mirror window…

Hi Rama,
I understand you must be incredibly busy, any chances you’ll update your Gamepad-Friendly UMG plugin to 4.15.1?

I already provide you with the nodes to do that :slight_smile:

Remember, my goal is to empower everyone in the UE4 Community via C++ with this Victory BP Library!

(I didn’t include config but I have updated the plugin, when I release next version it will be in there.)

You could recreate it though using Append, from Saved directory, and then Config and then platform like WindowsNoEditor, ie, …/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor

Verify the file structure on your server and then you can use string Append from Saved dir node which I provide.





Victory Ed Engine 4.15 !

@Meguido, yes here is perfect place to ask as I consider Victory Ed Engine (Vertex Snapping  & Instanced Static Mesh Editor) part of Victory Plugin, separate since it is editor-only :)

Victory Ed Engine 4.15 For you!

Vertex Snapping!

Instanced Static Mesh Editor (right in Level Viewport)!

Please note this is a full 4.15 project, and includes Victory Plugin because I need VictoryISM to enable the ISM editor to work in packaged game (runtime plugin module required).

See Edit->Project Settings for more info! You can choose your own ISM C++ class there any time, BP-created ISM class wont work ( at least not the last time I checked)



@Rama Thank you very much. That was pretty quick. I’m gonna start updating now.

Thank you for sharing your research!


Ahh good idea!



Gamepad UMG 4.15 !

Here you go @Joure!

Dear Community,

Here is gamepad UMG for 4.15!

This is a full project you can play with!




That was fast. You rock, thanks !!!


I’m under a very tight deadline to convert a project with a lot of ISMs into individual interactive objects (subject to performance). I can hit the deadline if I could have selected a static mesh actor and “replace actor with selected object in content browser.” But the project I was handed contains a ton of ISMs, obviously that process doesn’t work when I’m trying to replace an instance of a static mesh inside an ISM with an interactive Actor. Copying and pasting transforms is so slow and painful and there are so, so many to convert.

What I really need is a tool where I can select an ISM actor and break it into individual static mesh actors, preserving transforms. Then replace some SM instances with my interactive actors. Then select the remainder and recompose them back into an ISM actor.

Before I burn precious time investigating the Victory plugin, does anyone know if this or any other tool can solve my problem? (I’m in Unreal 4.15)

that works for mobile(ios + android). but there are some functions which is only for desktop. so u have to put those inside proper pre-processor.
also u have to add android in plugins white space list.

hi all, does anyone know how to get this to compile with Linux? I’m using it to pass custom strings for stuff like server name ect but it doesn’t seem to build with Linux?

Hi Rama, just a small issue with your Get/Set custom configs nodes. They work well but if I manually change a setting in the ini file it seems the change doesn’t propagate until I restart the editor. I take it the settings must be cached at editor load time, that being said, if you write values using your nodes the changes seem to stick. Is there a way to refresh these cached values using another ‘refresh ini’ node or something like that?


The answers you seek lie in ConfigCacheIni.h and .cpp :slight_smile:

I see how to update individual section from memory to file:

	 * Update a single property in the config file, for the section that is specified.
	CORE_API bool UpdateSinglePropertyInSection(const TCHAR* DiskFilename, const TCHAR* PropertyName, const TCHAR* SectionName);

But you want to go the other way :slight_smile:

Closest thing I can find to what you want is

static bool LoadGlobalIniFile(FString& FinalIniFilename, const TCHAR* BaseIniName, const TCHAR* Platform=NULL, bool bForceReload=false, bool bRequireDefaultIni=false, bool bAllowGeneratedIniWhenCooked=true, const TCHAR* GeneratedConfigDir = *FPaths::GeneratedConfigDir());

How about you run a few tests, or poke around in the engine code, and see if you can find an example of reloading an ini from disk? Then I could add that code to Victory Plugin :slight_smile:



Hee hee!



Hi Rama!

First of all thanks very much for this wonderful plugin.

I’m using your “File IO Save String Array to File” and realized that there’s no way to clear the file once it’s created. In other words, it always appends new data to the existing file content. ¿Could you add a “Clear/Append” boolean input pin to this node? That would be great!

Keep up the good work!

Hi again, Rama! I use your fantastic blueprint node Victory Create Process.
Actually, I run a c# program that updates game files via ftp(download images from server to game folder).
I can pass args and check is program steel working or not.
But, is there way to get result (simply get code like 0 or 1). I know that this is not very good, but it is pretty efficient method:)
If there any way to get result, please, let me know!
And again, thanx for plugin!:heart:

Hi Rama,

Thanks for the plugin:D

I get an error when packaging to win64. I’m using ue4 4.15.1 release from github.
The problem happens when nativization is on during packaging. Works ok when it is disabled.

Plugins\VictoryPlugin\Source\VictoryBPLibrary\Public\VictoryBPFunctionLibrary.h(39): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ImageWrapper.h': No such file or directory

and I get this warning (not sure if it is related)

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UnrealBuildTool: g:\code\github\ue4_release\engine\source\runtime\core\public\Containers/EnumAsByte.h(19): warning C4996: 'TEnumAsByte_EnumClass<true>': TEnumAsByte is not intended for use with enum classes - please derive your enum class from uint8 instead. Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile.
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UnrealBuildTool: g:\code\github\ue4_release\engine\source\runtime\core\public\Containers/EnumAsByte.h(10): note: see declaration of 'TEnumAsByte_EnumClass<true>''


Hi Rama,

I get the same as Sarlack – blueprint nativization fails on packaging. I was able to replicate by creating a blank project, and dropping any victory node in a bp. using standard epic nodes it works fine.

Would be great if you could get it to work!

Cheers, LZ