(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Sounds like a prediction of the future!

I was also request to write way to Exec a process from BP.

On my to do list :slight_smile:


Hi Rama, Hi All! Can you help me? I don’t understand how to enable snapping hotkeys mode? I am trying instructions on A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums, but unsuccesfully. UE just crushed.

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New BP nodes for MD5 Hash File Verification, Verify your game’s downloaded patch files!

Dear Community,

I’ve just release 2 new nodes that help you to do MD5 file verification on your downloaded files!

What are MD5 Files For?

MD5 hashes of files enable you to verify the data integrity of files that your users download from the internet.

You generate your own MD5 from original file, and then distribute the MD5 file (1kb in size) to users along with the much larger download file.

After your user downloads your game’s patch files or other important files, then you can use my BP nodes to compare the downloaded file hash with the md5 you gave to the user, to verify the file’s integrity!
The result:**

With my BP nodes you have a way to check actual data integrity of a downloaded file, not just whether the time and file size match, this gives you binary data integrity verification powers :slight_smile:

**New Download for UE4 4.12 (55mb, Media Fire)**

♥ Please note I now use the UE4 Marketplace C++ Plugin Standard when packaging Victory plugin for you ♥

1. Win64 Development
2. Win64 Shipping  **<~~~~~~ NEW!**
3. Win32 Development
4. Win32 Shipping
4. HTML5 Development
5. HTML5 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**

Please see my instructions for [Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?3851-(39)-Rama-s-Extra-Blueprint-Nodes-for-You-as-a-Plugin-No-C-Required!&p=476476&viewfull=1#post476476).

Prior Engine Versions

**4.11: **VictoryPlugin11

**Donations can be sent to me via:**



Rama, I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand, how to enable snap mode in your plugin.
I have downloaded, and I correctly installed plugin and I have enabled it in Plugins in UE. But… How can I enable snapping mode in viewport window?

Ahh sorry, please see these docs:

You have to add the lines to your config file, DefaultEngine.ini, so that the engine knows where to find the custom editor mode :slight_smile:



New BP Nodes, Create Process, Get Application Name from Process ID, Determine if Process is Running


Dear Community

True to my wish of empowering all of you in Blueprints via my Victory BP library, these new nodes are VERY powerful!

With these nodes you can launch other applications of your choosing, with commandline arguments, right from BP!

You can even choose whether the application you launch should be detached and/or hidden.

  1. Detached ~ Your UE4 app can close itself if Detached is true. If false, your UE4 app considers itself the parent of the created process and will wait until that child process finishes running before closing itself.

  2. Hidden ~ If hidden, the process will run silently and undetectable to the user. Useful for background tasks that are not meant to distract from gameplay.

Software Design Consideration
Please use Detached + Hidden with consideration for your end user’s computer resources, as they wont be able to close the app if it is detached AND hidden.

I could not locate a way to end a process via process ID, only handles which are not BP exposeable. If people enjoy these nodes and would like it, I can make a BlueprintType exposed Process handle to enable additional features. So let me know if you are using these nodes!

**Get Application Name**

When you create a process through my BP node, you should save the resulting ProcessID as a var so that you can then verify it was created, and you can use this node to get the name back from the OS.

Is Application Running

If you launch a process and want to wait to perform other logic until you know that process has finished running, you can save to variable the Process ID from CreateProcess and use this node to find out when your other app finishes running!

**More Power For You in BP**

Victory to You!



New Download for UE4 4.12 (55mb, Media Fire)

:heart: Please note I now use the UE4 Marketplace C++ Plugin Standard when packaging Victory plugin for you :heart:

  1. Win64 Development
  2. Win64 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**
  3. Win32 Development
  4. Win32 Shipping
  5. HTML5 Development
  6. HTML5 Shipping **<~~~~~~ NEW!**

Please see my instructions for Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game.

**Prior Engine Versions**

**4.11: **http://www.mediafire.com/download/jp91b9atphm2obt/VictoryPlugin11.zip

Donations can be sent to me via:

OMG!!! Rama you are the best!!

you saved my life!!!

Have you considered putting this on marketplace without a fee? Might make updating easier

Is there anything special I need to do to get the plugin to work. It’s in the plugin folder, and it shows up under Edit/Plugins/Installed. The plugin is enabled. But, I do not get any of the nodes in the blueprint editor. I am using the regular 4.12.5 Editor.


Edit: So, it seems the plugin does not work on mac because of missing binaries. Do these binaries exist somewhere, or is it possible to easily rebuild them?

Edit: Ok, if anyone has the same issue, then the plugins can be rebuilt for mac by making an empty c++ unreal project, place the plugin into a Plugins folder, update and open xcode project (From within the unreal editor). Inside xcode, find the file VictoryBPLibrary.uplugin, and add “Mac” to WhitelistPlatforms. It originially only has “win64”, “Win32” and “HTML5”. You can then build the binaries using xcode.


Dear @kjetilhj,

First of all,

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And second of all,

Thank you for sharing your research with everyone in this thread!



That’s a great idea, but for one thing, if I did that then the support thread would likely move to the marketplace page and I prefer to keep all the attention centralized in this thread.

UE4 marketplace has a strict character limit on comments and subposts are posted in reverse order, making it kind of impossible for me to write the sort of length posts that I like to write. Not really an issue for marketplace intended usage, but I do think all the questions would move over there causing a split I’d have to battle with constantly, to reply here for the loveliness of non-existant character limits :slight_smile:

Also it is not that hard at all for me to update the plugin now that I have learned and used the UE4 marketplace C++ plugin workflow (I learned this while making my Binary Compressed Save System plugin and Per Bone Melee Weapon plugin for UE4 marketplace) that automatically generates everything for me and in the proper format.

It is very nice to hear from you!



Hi Rama,
Can you share some details on UE4 marketplace C++ plugin workflow, I am working on a plugin but I am not sure what are the requirements for the marketplace.

Hello, is there any update for the ReKeyBinding project compatible with ue4.12.

I experience some dificulties, can you help me ? (The button don’t focus)


You need you to set the interaction in element by “mouse down”. (need improvement if you move the mouse or others)

Edit 2 : Finnaly achieved the conversion to 4.10 -> 4.12

follow here (can be buggy) : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?119022-Rama-s-Key-system-4-12-problem

You are a GOD!
You add everything which EPIC simply didnt include! The very BASIC FUNCTIONALITY is now available for everybody without studying the Engine for months!

And i have a giant feature request which maybe takes you 5 minutes :smiley:
Dear sir, would you kindly add a very minor feature request to send and listen for UDP packets via blueprints? I know you’ve already provided the code for it. But i for myself (im a PHP programmer btw!) have a hard time with Epic’s C++ implementations and would, like many others, love to use blueprints instead, which, I believe, is also the reason why this awesome thread exists.


[MENTION=29846]Blue man[/MENTION],

Here you go!

Rama Guide on How to Package C++ Plugins for the UE4 Marketplace

Thanks for sharing the updated version of my Key Rebinding system!

Lovely to hear from you Tymax!

And Great idea! It requires its own actor / component though because of the async nature of the task, so I will have to think of best way to handle this and will impl when I get the time :slight_smile:



Thank you :slight_smile:

From what I can see it seems like it is only required to add ‘WhitelistPlatforms’.

That is simply awesome! I progressed a little bit further by understanding your C++ code, but im still far away to create something which could be used in a productive way by myself, leave alone solving the problems that come along with it. And i was correct, you are a GOD :slight_smile:

Thanks alot and Greetings!

Rama, I honestly can’t remember, are you still doing preview release compatible versions of the Victory Plugin?

I had thought that moving over to the Marketplace standard for code plugins would have meant that plugins didn’t need to be re-cooked for every version of UE but 4.13p1 is giving me the “try rebuilding from source manually” error when building Victory for the first time…

Hee hee!

Lovely to hear from you @Tymax!!!

Congratulations on learning C++ !