360 Virtual tour in Unreal Engine?

Hi all,

I’m looking to create a tour inside Unreal made for the Oculus Go. I’ve got 8, 360, HDR images that I’m using on a Sphere mesh (normals flipped, collision off) and I need to jump from 1 level to another using hotspot/interactive buttons. I’ve tried one method and it just hasn’t worked at all, for some strange reason.

If this has been done, can anyone explain how they did it? I posted the same question with my method in the VR & AR section today but haven’t heard back as of yet.


Maybe I don’t get it but if you already have the 360 VR images couldn’t you just connect them in a web service like Kuula? If you want to jump from points to points in Unreal then you wouldn’t need the pre rendered images.

Or if you project the images on a sphere then you would only need to replace the image on the sphere but it would still be easier to feed the image directly into the headset without unreal.

What do I not understand here?