360 video works. With full post-process and AA.


Custom rendered from UE4 with full post-process captured, including lens flares, reflections, custom LUTs, bloom etc. Usually those are ommited by plugins based on cube maps. Also, managed to have no aliasing/jaggies and no flickering.

Nice work! How did you do it?

It’s a custom solution that took half a year to develop, there’re many steps involved, it’s too long to go through everything here, but i can say our initial aim was to capture everything not leaving out any post effects, but the main thing that surprised us is this method tackles aliasing artifacts and flickering as well. Normally you’d see some artifacts and jaggies even under temporal AA, but our results were so clean, even all types of flickering are gone, we were surprised by it.

Thanks! Any chance your solution will result in a plugin which we can buy on the Marketplace? (just like the Simple Panoramic Exporter plugin, which is pretty easy to use)

It could be possible, although it would take a long time and much coding skills to make a plugin.

Hi Mezzvr, I’m interested in your rendering services. Let me know how I can get in touch with you directly.

I would love to by this solution in Marketplace.

Those videos don’t look right to me. I’m getting lens flares when not even looking at the sun or bright objects. Seems like the flare is precomputed and shows regardless of where the camera is looking.

You don’t need to be looking at the sun or bright objects to get lens flares. Light can be reflected from angles you are not looking at.

These are 360 videos, not Occulus/HTCVive roomscale where every element is live & interactive and can react to viewers in real time.

True… But just because you can get a post process to work doesn’t mean you should use it. Lens flares randomly coming into frame doesn’t make sense.
Very cool that you got it all working though, a plugin would be useful.