360 Video Production / Forest


I’m a director of a video company called „Chinzilla Films“, based in Cologne, Germany.
One of our clients asked me this week if it is possible to make a very long 360-video of a (3d-)forest.

Our client wants 6 hours of 360-video of a transforming 3d-forest. At first, it’s a jungle, then its transforming into a nice looking park and finally to a japanese garden.
I did some googeling and found videos of the Megascan-Packs for Unreal Engine 4. That’s excactly what I am looking for!

I think it’s nearly impossible to do the task in traditional 3D-programs like Maya or 3dsMax. It has to be rendered in realtime.
Given the opportunity of Unreal Engine 4 to export scenes in 360 degree video, this seems like the perfects solution!

I hope I can find some talented artists around here for this challeging job :slight_smile: You can drop me an email to: jobs(at)chinzillafilms(dot)(de)
I’m excited to hear from you, thank you very much!

Best, Jan

PS: You can check out some of our previous work at our Homepage

Hey Jan, a 6 hour 360 video is going to be absolutely monsterous, as in hundreds and hundreds of GB’s if not 10’s of TB’s. It’s pretty massive, it might be a better idea to create a real time simulation and run it all in real time… It would require a decent rig but it would be feasible in terms of file size. There are a couple other solutions that come to mind so it would probably be best to chat over skype and discuss something that would be feasible for both your client and the end user