360 product photography integration


I am wondering if any one has any thoughts on adding 360 product photography into a unreal scene, i see alot of them on the web simply spinning the asset around but wonder if it possible to create such a thing Unreal.

Let say i have a set of 360 images of an asset, i build a 3d scene, i would want to place that asset somewhere within the scene and depending on the posistion of the camera, a specific or correct image is shown to the viewer, the viewer could go up to the asset and rotate it much like they would via the web. As they move across the scene the correct image updated and displayed.

I can not find much online so i am not sure this is possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This is the default way that unreal works. All assets are fully visible in the scene.

You can also incorporate an ‘inspection’ system if you want: