360 panoramic stereo tour archviz

Hi everyone,

Anyone knows a standalone software to build a 360 STEREO virtual tour ready for vr mobile headset?

I create my 360 stereo image with Ansel plugin for UE4 and for now my best options is to build my virtual tours in theViewer app. But I would prefer a standalone software that allow me to save as .exe, html, flash etc. Something similar to tourweaver or Kolor panotour software but with an pano stereo option.

I was also thinking if it was possible to make all this inside UE4. I mean if UE4 is capable to create complete VR games and archviz walkthrough with a ton of animations and interactions, it should be able to create a simple 360 tour with simples 360 panoramic stereo images linked by hotspots.

Thanks you in advance!

Hi again everyone,

So anybody has a solution for this? It would be very great to be able to create “Google Cardboard virtual reality app” for 360 stereo panorama tour inside UE4.